бамбуковые изделия
Sofa Mat

1. Environment-Friendly 100% Green Product
2. Non-Toxic, Healthy Massage function to improve blood circulation
3. Cool down the temperature of your body
4. Bamboo surface can absorb sweat,moist
5. Bamboo mat is Ventilated and Anti-Bacteria
6. Save a ton of electricity bills for air condition/ fan in summer hot days
7. It is cool but not ice-cold, help you sleep over whole night without sweating any more.

Model No.:   SM-02  

Size:    1 seat + 2 seats + 3 seats
             60cm*60cm , 60cm*120cm, 60cm*180cm
Color:  Light yellow

Адрес :Представительство в Китае, Провинции Хунань, город Чанша, район Фужоу, улица Жоуюань, 18